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  • Peanut Blanching Production Line Export to India


  • With the rising of India Peanut Processing Industry recently, we have more and more machineries are exported to India, to serve local peanut product manufacturers. This line which will be shipped to India includes raw peanuts primary cleaning, roasting, blanching ( both split and whole peanut blanching), color sortex, manual sorting and vacuum forming packaging. It is a high automatic degree line, will save nearly 70% of labor costs for customers, can also ensure blanched peanut with uniform color & stable quality, is one of the few representatives of advanced technology production line in Indian market.

    Peanut Blanching Production Line begins from raw peanuts, through gravity destoner foreign impurities are sorted out, the purpose is to protect the safety running of subsequent equipments.
    Clean raw peanuts are fed automatically by Z type Elevator to Multifunctional Continuous Roaster, once fixed the roasting temperature and speed of operation, the ideal roasting result obtains.
    From the silo roasted peanuts fall into Whole & Split Blancher, blanched peanuts are collected by conveyor to Color Sorter.
    According to requirements Color Sorter set standard to distinguish good and bad quality peanuts, even unblanched peanuts can be separated.
    There are two short manual sorting belt to inspect the final quality before packing machine.
    After good quality blanched peanuts go into the slio, waiting for packaging.
    Packing Machine goes with automatic weighing, filling, shaping, sealing, vacuum and sewing functions, blanched peanut is packaged into 12.5 / 25KG bag.

    Peanut Blanching Production Line requests raw peanuts must be:
    1. full matured,
    2. uniform size
    3. As India peanut example, do blanched peanut more appropriate s