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  • Malfunction Analysis and Solution of Peanut Sheller


  • Recently some customers feedback that when peanut shellers run certain period, it occurs the situation of dropping capacity, low shelling ratio and easy to jam etc., as following we will talk this topic and give our suggestion.
    Firstly we need know the structure and working principle of peanut sheller:-
    Structure: it mainly contains two parts:-peanut destoner and peanut sheller, peanut destoner includes hopper, gravity separating sifter, 1st air fan and 1st air conveyor. Peanut sheller includes large shelling grates and concaves sifter, thin shelling grates and concaves sifter, rotor, air fan and air conveyor, vibrating sifter etc. Working: groundnuts are feed into peanut destoner, under the function of gravity sifter, stones impurities are separated and discharged out of machine, groundnut fall down to hopper of air conveyor, under the blowing function of air fan, groundnuts are feed to shelling chamber, under the confliction of shelling grate, concaves sifter and rotating rotor, shells and kernels are split, then fall down to vibrating sifter, meanwhile the light peanut shell is blown out of machine, peanut kernels and some unshelled groundnuts are separated, peanut kernel go up and flow to outlet, unshelled groundnuts enter second shelling chamber for 2nd shelling, the second shelling is same repeated like first time.
    Peanut Sheller is driven by electrical motor, via triangle belts the power is transferred to peanut shelling machine. Once we realize such structure, we should keep those moving parts running properly and maintenance timely, in order to getting an ideal shelling result.
    During diary operation, please check those triangle belts loose or not, loose belts may cause low capacity, low shelling ratio and jam problem, all moving gears should be lubricated in proper way, so that peanut shelling machine can be operated with high efficiency.