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  • Inshell Peanut Stem Remover
  • Inshell Peanut Stem Remover
  • Inshell Peanut Stem Remover
  • Inshell Peanut Stem Remover
  • Inshell Peanut Stem Remover

    Model:Inshell Peanut Stem Remover



    Dimension :6500×1500×2800mm


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Inshell Peanut Stem Remover is specially designed to remove the stem at end of peanut pod. It includes feeding system, main body, peanut discharger etc. Our design idea comes from practical production, as in shell peanut is completed from peanut picker, some of them will take with short stem, it is not easy to remove naturally during salt flavor inshell peanut processing, thus effect finished product quality. Emerge as the demand, in shell peanut stem remover is born at the moment, it rise the production efficiency and improve the salted in shell peanuts’ quality.
Inshell Peanut Stem Remover is widely used in all kind of primary cleaning workshop, salted peanut production line, roasting peanut production line etc.
In shell peanut: 7-9/9-11/11-13/13-15 
Compact structure & reliable performance
Strong & wide adaptability
Easy to use & maintenance
Technical data

Model: Inshell Peanut Stem Remover
Capacity(ton/h): 1
Power (kw): 2.2
Dimension (mm): 6500× 1500× 2800
Weight(kg) : 850

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