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  • Wet Peanut Blancher
  • Wet Peanut Blancher
  • Wet Peanut Blancher
  • Wet Peanut Blancher
  • Wet Peanut Blancher

    Model:wet peanut blancher


    Peeling ratio:96-98%

    Whole nut ratio:85-95%



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Wet Peanut Blancher is designed to take off the red skin of peanut. First raw peanut kernels are boiled in warm water to make out skin loosen, then feed into wet peanut blancher, fixed by the rubber wheels, there are numerous blades on the rubber wheels, peanuts will be cut slightly, under the squeezing force, peanut and skin will separate, white blanched peanut will fall down to sorting conveyor, the skin will be thrown out by chain wheels.

Wet Blancher can also blanch peanut, almond, soybean, broad bean etc. Among salted fried peanut production line, this kind of wet blancher is an important equipment.
Peanut, almond, cashewnut, soybean
Compact structure
Durable quality
Easy operation
Low maintenance 
Technical data
Model wet peanut blancher
Capacity 200-250kg/hr
Peeling ratio 96-98%
Wholenut ratio 85-95%
Power 0.75kw
Size 1080×850×1100mm

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