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  • Batch Sesame Roaster
  • Batch Sesame Roaster
  • Batch Sesame Roaster
  • Batch Sesame Roaster
  • Batch Sesame Roaster

    Model:Batch Sesame Roaster


    Power :1.1kw

    Dimension :2850×960×1450mm

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Batch Sesame Roaster is designed to bake sesame seeds in order to follow the deep processing, it is a multipurpose equipment capable of Roasting Sesame Seed and various other spices, whether whole or in piece form.

Batch Sesame Roaster includes hopper, bucket elevator, roasting machine and cooling carter, inside spiral blades put sesame seeds forwarder, sesame seeds are heated by hot air evenly, roasted sesame is cooled by cooling carter at end.

Batch Sesame Roaster’s contacting parts are made of superior food grade stainless steel, in order to guarantees the sanitation during food production. The roaster can be heated by natural gas/electricity.

Sesame seed is composed of 45%~50% lipid, 5%~ 6% moisture, 10%~15% carbohydrate, 5%~6% ash,
4%~5%fiber, and 15%~20% protein. Sesame seed is not only a good source for edible oil but also is widely used in bakery and confectionery. Raw sesame seed is a pale white to off-white color. It do not has much flavor until it is roasted. Roasting causes the sesame seeds to release their natural oils resulting in a rich, nutty flavor.

Sesame Seed, Fennel Seed
Reasonable design, simple structure
Strong durability, high efficiency
Energy saving & optimized sorting result
Easy to use & less maintenance
Technical data
Model Batch Sesame Roaster
Capacity(kg/batch) 100
Power (kw) 1.1
Dimension (mm) 2850×960×1450
Weight(kg)  900

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