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  • Peanut Slicer
  • Peanut Slicer
  • Peanut Slicer
  • Peanut Slicer

    Model:Peanut Slicer


    Thickness of sliced :0.8-2mm

    Power :3kw

    Size :500×500×400mm


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Peanut Chopping Machine


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Peanut Slicer is designed to slice split blanched peanut into slim flake. Sliced peanuts can be used for doughnut tapping, frozen yoghurt tapping, bakery.

Peanut Slice utilizes high speed centrifugal force to realize efficient slicing when split blanched peanuts are feed into slicing drum. Thickness of slices can be adjusted by controlling the gauge between blades and wall of drum. This kind of slicer realizes continuous cutting and optimization of slicing effect.

Peanut slicer’s touching material parts are made of stainless steel 304, driven and frame are made of carbon steel.
Peanuts, cashew nut, Almonds, walnuts, hazelnut, pistachios 
High slicing degree, the slicing thickness can be controlled and adjusted
High efficiency, depending on the material categories and sliced thickness, capacity can reach to 500kg hourly
Continuous operation: peanut slicer is compliant for continuous running
Multifunctional, safety slicing, no oil leak out 
Technical data
Model Peanut Slicer
Capacity(kg/hr) 300-500
Thickness of sliced (mm) 0.8-2
Power (kw) 3
Size (mm) 500×500×400
Weight(kg)  260

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