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    Crushing ratio:≤5%

    Clean degree:≥97%

    Damage Ratio:≤4%

    Shelling ratio:≥99%

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Peanut Sheller is designed to clean raw, sun-dried in shell peanut, split the hard shell and get peanut kernels via the especial structure which is built by shelling grates and concaves.

Peanut Sheller contains two shelling drums, groundnuts are feed to the first drum, under the beaten of shelling grates and concaves, the shells and kernels are separated, then shelled peanut kernel come out with the shell, fall to vibrating sifter for separation, light shells are blown by air blower, heavier peanut kernels flow to outlet. At the same time, due to the vibration of gravity sifter, less quantity unshelled peanuts are separated out and go into the second shelling process. Parts of peanut sheller has the 3rd shelling drum, such multi-shelling peanut sheller has wide adaptability on various in-shell peanuts.

Peanut Sheller is equipped with pneumatic conveyor that can feed the in-shell peanuts without injured. De stoner can be optional, the purpose is to pre-clean the foreign materials among in-shell peanut. In addition, the dust collector can be added in order to keep the working environment clean.

In Shell Peanuts, Soybean, Black Bean, Jatropha
Stable performance & strong durability
High efficiency & minimum split ratio
Easy operation & low maintenance
Peanut sheller increases productivity and saves manpower, it promotes the raw peanut processing from family to industrial scale.
Model 6NP-800C 6NP-2000C 6NP-3000C 6NP-5000C
Capacity(kg/h) 800 2000 3000 5000
Power (kw) 7.7 14.5 21.5 24.5
Operators Required 1-2 2-3 3-4 4‐5
Shelling ratio  99%
Crushing ratio  5%
Clean degree  97%
Damage Ratio  4%

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