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  • Peanut Roasting Machine
  • Peanut Roasting Machine
  • Peanut Roasting Machine
  • Peanut Roasting Machine
  • Peanut Roasting Machine

    Model name:Hot Air Peanut Roasting Machine


    Heating Type:Gas/Electricity/Fried Oil/Steam

    Material:SUS304/316/Paiting Steel


    Customized Service:Availiable

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Peanut Roasting Machine


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Peanut Roasting Machine is a kind of hot air roaster machine which can dry & roast all kinds of nuts, granulated snacks and dried fruits as well, nowaday roasted nuts are popular in human being’s daily life. Our Peanut Roasting Machine is a key machine for food manufacturers producing nuts, snacks, cookies and confectionary, due to high automatic level and more practical character, our peanut roaster demand is rarely growing in international market, peanut roaster machine can also be used multiple nut production purpose, e.g. high temperature roasting and low temperature drying, Golden Peanut Roaster Machine is competent for peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and cacao beans, Peanut Roaster Machine is full automatical,easy to operate, operators just put his finger to start the control cabinet( or PLC control panel), then ideal end-products come out.
Are you satisfied with your roasting product quality? By traditional groundnut roasting machine you may often have two unsolvable difficulties:-
Peanut Roasting Machine
You need a Professional roaster machine to solve all roasting problem.
Peanut Roasting Machine
Roasting is a kind of typical key section during food processing, roasting machine dries raw material further or cause them to turn brown color, after roasting process, peanuts are prepared for packaging and sell, for peanut blanching, for making peanut paste & peanut butter, for making coated snacks, peanut candies, and so on.

Multifunctional Propane Peanut Roasting Machine can dry & roast all kinds of nuts, granulated snacks, it mainly contains automatic feeding system, heating device, transferring conveyor, cooling fan and vibrating discharger. With a recycle conveyor moving, the raw materials will be fed in, dried & roasted by the hot air evenly, finally optimized products are obtained at end of roaster with air temperature. Due to nuts stay on the tray to move forward, continuous peanut roaster is also called conveyor roasters or belt roasting machine.
Working Principle: Groundnut roasters use 3 variable factors to control roaster and realize the optimized result, 1.roasting temperature is from 95-180°C (200 °F to 360 °F), 2.roasting belt speed is from 25-40hz, 3. Thickness of material is from 4-10mm. It is a continuous and fully automatic roasting process from feed peanuts to roasted peanut comes out.
Commonly we divide roaster machine into high temperature roasting area, transition area and cooling area. During roasting is undergoing, peanuts stay on the perforated stainless steel conveyor belt, hot air comes from top gas burners, is blown by air blower to the top of conveyor belt, at the same time, we equip with blade type wheel to distribute hot air evenly to everywhere of conveyor belt, at the same time, another hot air blower on the bottom of roasting belt is blowing hot air from bottom side, it occurs hot air recycle inside, the hot air flow can ensure each peanut is heated evenly & entirely. After roasting finishes, peanut goes into cooling area via transition area, high pressure cold air from outside can bring the heat of peanuts away and cool down the surface temperature to room temperature.
Peanut Roasting Machine

Applications of Peanut Roasting Machine

Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cashew Nut, Horse Beans, Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnut Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Pistachios etc.

Features of Peanut Roasting Machines
1.It reduces the labor, improves operating efficiency.
2.It has reasonable heat distribution design to circulate the hot airflow passing though the material both up and down, hence optimizes the roasting resulting.
3.It is matched with humidity exhausting fan to discharge the moisture, the fan motor/triangle belt/bearing and mounting base are durable for long time operation.
4.It has unique cooling system to lead cool air within final section of peanut roaster, bring the material temperature down to air temperature.
5.It has facility designed to realize the recirculation of roasting air, hence decreases the energy consumption.
6.Every door on both sides can be opened for easy cleaning.
7.Different areas are insulated and sealed entirely in order to make heat loss minimum, and reduce running cost.
How to build a correct peanut roaster, you need consider below aspects:-
Constructure Features:
 Durable SUS304 Perforated Belt Conveyor (Standard)
 High Hot Air Permeability S.S Wire Mesh Belt (Optional)
 Spot Assembled Structure for Easy Installation, Low Cost Transportation
 Sanitary Design for On-Line Cleaning Easy, Min.Maintenance
Peanut Roasting Machine
Peanut Roasting Machine
Energy Features:
 High Performance Gas Burner Maximum Fuel Efficiency
 Advanced Technology Flame Monitoring System Provides Continuous Safety Running
 Inside Baffler Device, Outside Insulated Door Reduces Heat Energy Loss
 Intellgent Heat Sensor, Temperature Controller Warantee Precise Roasting Degree
Peanut Roasting Machine
Peanut Roasting Machine
Performance Features:
 Feeding/Heating/Cooling/Discharging, All in One Machine
 Material Thickness Is Adjustable To Meet Different Purpose
 Roaster Belt Speed Is Varous To Fit Different Products
 Roasting Temperature Can Be Controlled, Temp Difference Is ±1℃

 Technical Specifications


Model 30

Model 50

Model 100

Model 150

Model 200



Light roast






Dark roast












Roasting temperature

90°C to 180°C

Heating Method

LNG/LPG Gas, Electricity, Oil-Fired

Conveying Speed


Noise Level


Gas Supply condition

Gas Burning Pressure: 5Kpa

Gas Pipeline Pressure: 20~50KPa

Installation Dimension



Weight (kgs)







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