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  • Split Peanut Blancher
  • Split Peanut Blancher
  • Split Peanut Blancher
  • Split Peanut Blancher
  • Peanut Blanching Machine



    Peeling ratio:95%



    Feeding Conveyor Type:Vertical Conveyor | Z Bucket Conveyor

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Peanut blanching machine split peanut blancher is designed to split roasting peanuts into half piece, remove red skin and get blanched peanuts, it’s a key equipment among peanut blanching production plant.
Peanut Blanching Machine
Whether you're producing split blanched peanut for sliver, dice, slice, or preparing split halves peanut material for peanut butter production, this new type Peanut Blanching Machine-Split Peanut Blanchers is perfect choice of your business. It ends the following painful problems you are facing during peanut blanching process plant.
01 Peanut germ can’t be removed
Someone may likes eating peanut germs, but it will effect products’ taste if we don’t remove the germ parts, e.g. peanut butter & paste, split peanut blanching machine splits the peanuts and removes the hearts easily, due to it has two Polyurethane Rubber belts, which can be close minimum, peel off roasting peanut red skin, take off germ heart but without breaking edges of blanched peanuts.
Peanut Blanching Machine

02 Difficulty to adjust the gap of peanut blancher’s blanching rollers
Peanut Blanching Machine

Traditional split peanut blancher has 3 rubber rollers which locate in Unequal distance triangle position, such structure not only decides split peanut blancher with two stage blanching process, but also increases the difficulty to adjust proper gap between blanching rollers. If rollers’ distance is large, it causes un-blanched peanut increasing, if rollers’ distance is small, it causes broken peanut increasing, for example, peanut maybe split into 3-4pieces.

New type peanut split blancher is simple structure, operators just shake the handle wheel to Control the distance of two belts, then get optimized split blanching result.

03 Extensive adaptability, broken peanut kernels can be blanched too
Peanut Blanching Machine

Before we make out this new type groundnut peeling machine, we suggest customers to sort out raw peanuts which are in broken in order to ensure good effect blanched peanuts, the reason is because old type skin peeling machine’s structure limit (we have stated as above)
New split peanut blanchers improve blanching quality, break through the technical difficulties, new peanut blanching equipment can work on any size peanuts, any texture roasted peanut kernels, remove the red skin, keeps perfect shape of split blanched peanuts.

04 Production Efficiency

Old split peanut blanchers is only 500kg/hour, if it blanches small India roasting peanuts, the capacity is lower.

New split peanut blanchers can blanch roasted peanut 1000kg/hour, if you are familiar with this blanching process, peanut blanching machine can reach to 1500kg easily per hour.

Working Principle of Split Peanut Machine

When roasted peanuts kernels enter the feeding hopper and pass through the vertical conveyor, to gap between the two silicone belts with special belts with special textures, the gap between the silicones belts can be adjusted according to needs. The two silicone belts continuously rub peanut kernels in high speed rotating. So that the roasted peanuts are broken and peeled, while the feed spiral pushes the peanuts forward, then falls on the vibration sifter. Through the vibration screening of the vibrator, the suction fan continuously sucks away the peanut red clothes, thereby achieving the separation of the peanuts kernels and the red skin.

This kind of Split peanut blancher machine can adjust the gap of rubber belts, in order to satisfy different processing purpose. Bitter germs will be removed by the vibrating sifter at the back of the peanut skin blancher.

New type Split Peanut Blancher is a device for peeling roasted peanuts, so that the peanuts, half grains, germs and other fines are flowing from different dropping ports respectively, realizing the peanuts without waste peeling, which is a big advanced different from the old type split peanut blanching machine, improve product quality.

This peanut blancher machine has the advantages of simple operation and maintenance, clean peeling, high peeling efficiency, lower loss of germ and broken powder and can be recycled.


Long Shape Peanut Kernel   24/28,28/32,34/38,38/42,42/46,45/55

Round Shape Peanut Kernel       25/35,35/40,40/50,50/60,60/70,70/80,80/90,90/100


Features of split peanut blancher

Polyurethane Rubber Belt as Splitting Device

Two Splits Belts Removes Skin and Grams Gently

Suit for Any Type and Size Peanuts

Vibrating Sifter for Hearts Separation

Air Cyclone System for Skin Collection, Keep Workshop Hygiene

Easy To Use, Easy To Clean Design

Component of Split Peanut Blancher

Split peanut peeling machine contains the bucket elevator, the red skin peeler and air cyclone. It is an entire complete system to finish the blanching process. This dry peeler machine can be designed to two types: 1. full stainless steel, 2. contacting parts stainless steel and painting carbon frame

01 feed hopper: can be customized feed above ground, or below ground

02 feed conveyors: can be customized vertical conveyor, or Z bucket conveyor

03 blancher machine: full stainless steel, supporting frame can be customized on request.

04 vibration sifter: can be customized perforated sheet, or round bar sheet.

05 air cyclone: can be done stainless steel or mild steel

06 polyurethane rubber belt: optional choice

New Type Split Peanut Blancher can be used in below peanut processing plant

01 peanut roasting blanching production line

02 peanut roasting chopping production line

03 peanut slicing production line

04 peanut butter production line

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Peanut Blanching Machine

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Peanut Blanching Machine

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* Constantly Technical Supporting Technology Improvement

Technical Data
Capacity 1000-1500kg/hr
Power 5kw/380v/50hz
Peeling ratio 95%
Size 1080*710*1850mm
Weight 300kg

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