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  • Drum Peanut Roaster
  • Drum Peanut Roaster
  • Drum Peanut Roaster
  • Drum Peanut Roaster
  • Drum Peanut Roaster

    Model Name:Batch roaster


    Heating method:Electricity/natural gas/oil-fired




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Peanut Roasting Machine


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Drum Peanut Roaster uses natural gas as heating resource, hot air as medium, utilizes the heat radiation principle to work on the drum directly, There is installed the reducer on back of roaster to drive the drum rotating, there also has special screw plate inside of drum to push the peanut forward and backward evenly, thus cause the peanut roasted equally. The working temperature and time could be set on request.

Though we design temperature controller on the panel of drum peanut roaster, operator still require to watch the roasting degree and adjust when put the peanut out of roaster, all nuts’ baking is different, depending on moisture content and nut size, baking time vary, small batch trial and error recording are helpful to make future running successfully.

Drum Peanut Roaster can be designed into electrical/gas/wood heating type, please mark your requirement when you order this machine.
Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cashew Nut, Horse Beans, Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnut Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Pistachios etc.
Reasonable design, Simple structure
Strong durability, High efficiency
Energy saving & optimized sorting result
Easy to use & less maintenance
Technical data
Model Drum Peanut Roaster 1+ Working temperature(°C) 160-220
Capacity (kg/batch) 60 (in shell peanut) Power(kw) 1.1 (E type)
100 (peanut kernels) 25 (G type)
Drum Peanut Roaster 3+ ------
180 (in shell peanut) 4 (E type)
300 (peanut kernels) 7.5 (G type)
Drum Peanut Roaster 5+ ------
300(in shell peanut) 11 (E type)
500(peanut kernels) 12.5 (G type)

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