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  • Whole Peanut Blancher-200kg
  • Whole Peanut Blancher-200kg
  • Whole Peanut Blancher-200kg
  • Whole Peanut Blancher-200kg

    Model:whole peanut blancher


    Rated voltage:380V+/-10V

    Rated power:1.87Kw


    Type of the belt:8M 25×595

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Whole Peanut Blancher is designed to remove the red skin of peanut kernels, it has widely adaptability of long shape 24/28、28/32、34/38、38/42, and round shape 35/40、40/50、50/60、60/70, the uniform size is helpful to increase the blanching ratio.

Whole Peanut Blancher contains hopper, peanut blancher, supporting base, air bag cyclone, soft pipes, electrical cabinet. The whole line works coordinately with high efficiency, the blanching ratio can be above 90%, if the drying degree is ideal, the crushing ratio can be below 10%.

Peanuts Blanching Processing: Light roasted peanuts come from vibrating discharge device, through bucket conveyor, are feed into blancher, with the rotating and friction of rollers, the red skin will be taken, and sucked by the air cyclone. The blanched peanuts will fall down to the sorting belt.

In order to enlarge the capacity of peanut blanching, several peanut blanchers can be assembled together, customized service is available, welcome to tell us your idea on peanut blanching process.
High blanching ratio
Compact structure
Stable operation
Low noise 
 Main Parameters
a.Model: whole peanut blancher
b.Capacity: 200kg/hr
c.Rated voltage: 380V+/-10V
d.Rated power: 1.87Kw
e.Frequency: 50Hz
f.Type of the belt: 8M 25×595
g.Outer dimension(L*W*H): 850*335*390mm
h.Weight: 266kg
i.Decorticating rate:>90%
j.Crushing rate: <10%
k.If you want to enlarge capacity, you can adopt several units combined.

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