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  • Peanut Powder Mill
  • Peanut Powder Mill
  • Peanut Powder Mill
  • Peanut Powder Mill

    Model:Peanut Slicer


    Fineness of peanut powder:adjustable




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Peanut Powder Mill is widely used to mill, grind peanuts, soybean, almond, sesame and oily materials, raw or roasted blanched peanuts can be milled by this powder mill. It adopts bucket elevator for feeding material evenly, the cutting rollers are fixed with different distance, hence the peanuts are cut step by step.

Contacting parts of Peanut Powder Mill are made of stainless steel, such mill has advantage of non-pollution, no oil leak, high output and good milling result.
Peanuts, Cashew Nut, Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnut, Pistachios
Reasonable design
Compact structure
Precise milling
No oil leak
High slicing degree, the slicing thickness can be controlled and adjusted.
High efficiency, depending on the material categories and sliced thickness, capacity can reach to 500kg hourly.
Continuous operation: peanut slicer is compliant for continuous running.
Multifunctional, safety slicing, no oil leak out
Technical data
Model Peanut Slicer
Capacity(kg/hr) 400
Fineness of peanut powder adjustable
Power (kw) 3.75
Size (mm) 1450×1050×2850
Weight(kg)  260

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