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How to Choose Good Peanut Sheller & How to Obtain Ideal Shelling Result

  • How to maintenance peanut sheller

    Before each shift begins running peanut sheller, operators should check all moving parts, e.g. gear, pulleys, triangle belts, all moving gears should be lubricated in proper way, so that peanut shelling machine can be operated with high efficiency. When peanut sheller finishes working, operators should clean peanut sheller, both inside and outside, in order to ensure next shift begin working effectively. 

  • Why does peanut sheller capacity drop down after certain period running

    Peanut sheller is driven by triangle belt, after certain period running, triangle belts become loose naturally, such situation may cause low capacity, low shelling ratio and jam problem, so it is necessary to check each triangle belts’ tension during daily operation. 

  • How to obtain ideal shelling result

    Before shelling groundnuts, please ensure the specification uniform, otherwise it will cause peanut cracking, unshelled peanut increasing etc. Another factor is to keep the moisture content between 9-13% evenly. 

  • How to match the proper shelling grate

    Peanut sheller has large, medium and small shelling grates. Generally we equip medium size shelling grate with peanut sheller, according to different area groundnut category, we will suggest other dimension, and customized shelling grates are available. 

  • How to choose a good quality peanut sheller?

    A good quality peanut sheller should have below characters, with reasonable design, heavy durability, stable operation and strong power.