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  • Pumpkin Seed Dehuller

    Model:PS30 Pumpkin seeds dehuller


    Power:8.19 kw

    Whole Kernel Ratio:95%

    Residual Kernel Ratio:5%


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 Pumpkin seeds dehuller is design to dehull pumpkin seeds, separate shells and kernels, and re-dehull the unshelled pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds dehuller can optimize your products and add your product value.
Pumpkin seeds

It is a kind of wet method dehulling process
It has obvious improvement on efficiency of dehulling ratio and decrease the broken ratio.
It adopts negative pressure suction to collect the pumpkin shells.
It has compact design, easy to use, low material loss and low maintenance 
Technical data
Model: PS30 Pumpkin seeds dehuller
Capacity(kg/h): 300
Power (kw): 8.19
Whole Kernel Ratio: 95%
Residual Kernel Ratio: 5%
Demenstion(mm): 6500× 2900× 3500
Weight(kg): 2500

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