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  • Peanut Sieving Machine
  • Peanut Sieving Machine
  • Peanut Sieving Machine
  • Peanut Sieving Machine
  • Peanut Sieving Machine



    Power :1.5/2.2/4.75kw

    Valid Screen Size:785×2275/985×2275/1230×2700mm

    Layer Available:3/4/5 , 3/4/5/6, 3/4/5/6

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Peanut sieving machine is primary equipment which is used to grade different specification peanut kernels. Peanut sieving machine is a full set of included hopper, conveyor, peanut sieving machine, supporting base, finished peanut collector etc. 3/4/5 layers are available, including the sieving residue, 4-5 grades can be sorted out once.

After raw peanuts are purchased from shelling company, or collected from farmers, they are stored in cold & dry place for eventual processing. At the shelling plant peanuts are cleaned primarily, dirt, rocks, bits of vines and other debris are removed. High provision and standard of domestic and export market requires peanut manufacturers to officially clean peanuts again, such as to remove mold, damage, broken, split, unshelled kernels, foreign material etc. Especially peanut kernels should be graded to determine the overall quality and value of each grade. This job is completed by peanut sieving machine, peanuts are feed by vertical bucket or Z-bucket elevator, peanut sieving machine is running with reciprocating movement, under the multi-trays with sizing screens, peanut kernels are graded into 4-5 specification.
Reasonable design
Compact structure & strong durability
High efficiency & optimized sorting result
Easy to use & less maintenance
Technical data
Model SX-800 SX-1000 SX1200
Capacity(kg/h) 2~3 4~6 6~8
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 4.75
Valid Screen Size(mm) 785× 2275 985× 2275 1230× 2700
Layer Available 3/4/5 3/4/5/6 3/4/5/6

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