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  • Inshell Peanut Sorter
  • Inshell Peanut Sorter
  • Inshell Peanut Sorter
  • Inshell Peanut Sorter
  • Inshell Peanut Sorter

    Model:Inshell Peanut Sorter


    Power :4kw

    Dimension :5000×1100×2400mm

    Inshell Peanut Size:7-9/9-11/11-13/13-15

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Inshell Peanut Sorter separates inshell peanut into different specifications based on the size different, After in peanuts are purchased from farmers, they are cleaned first, then sorted by inshell peanut grading machine automatically, finally placed in dry storage for eventual processing.

Inshell Peanut Sorter is composed by feeder, inclined bucket conveyor, screening chamber, different sieves, peanut exits etc. There is a screw shaft to push inshell peanuts forwarder, the suitable size peanut will fall down when it pass the sieves. Generally inshell peanuts will be graded according size, such as 9-11 first, 11-13 second, 13-15 finally. We can design different model according to your requirements.
In shell Peanut: 7-9/9-11/11-13/13-15
Compact structure
Strong Durability
High efficiency
Easy to use
Technical data
Model: Inshell Peanut Sorter
Capacity(kg/h): 2
Power (kw): 4
Dimension (mm): 5000× 1100× 2400
Inshell Peanut Size: 7-9/9-11/11-13/13-15

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