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  • Automatic Peanut Packing Machine
  • Automatic Peanut Packing Machine
  • Automatic Peanut Packing Machine
  • Automatic Peanut Packing Machine

    Bag length(max ):400mm(L)

    Bag width:150-250mm(W)

    Max width of roll film:520mm

    Packing speed:5-50bags/min

    Measuring range:6000ml

    Air consumption:0.65mpa

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 Automatic Peanut Packing Machine is mainly used to pack granular type peanuts or snacks. It contains feeding conveyor, multi-head weigher, automatic packer, platform, finished product conveyor, etc.
All kind of nuts, grain type snacks
1.It has English and Chinese screen display, simple operation .
2.PLC computer system , function is more stable , adjustment any parameters not need stop machine.
3.It can stock ten dispose , simple to change variety.
4.Sever motor drawing film , position accurately.
5.Temperature independent control system ,precision get to±1℃.
6.Horizontal , vertical temperature control ,suitable for various of complex film , PE film packing material.
7.Packing type diversification , pillow sealing, standing type ,punching etc.
8.Bag–making , sealing, packing, print date in one operation.
9.Work circumstance quiet, low noise.

Technical data
No Product name Standard configuration
I Control section: Name/the origin of country
1. Colour touch screen(5.7寸) Siemens/Germany
2. PLC controller Siemens/Germany
3. Servo drive Siemens/Germany
4. Temperature control module Yutong/Xiamen
5. Colour code optical Ottocos/Korea
II Pneumatic section:  
1. Horizontal sealing servo motor Yadekker/Taiwan
2. Vertical sealing cylinder Yadekker/Taiwan
3. Transport film cylinder Yadekker/Taiwan
4. Slicer cylinder Yadekker/Taiwan
5. Solenold valve Yadekker/Taiwan
6 Triplet Yadekker/Taiwan
III Electrical section:  
1. Auxiliary relay Omron/Japan
2. Solid-state relay yangming/ taiwan
IV Dynamo section:  
1 Carry film servo motor Siemens/Germany
V Power switch section:  
1. Approach switch Ruike/Taiwan
2. Button switch Schneider/french
3. Leakage overcurrent switch Meilanril/french
4. Power switch(3.6A) Ming wei /Taiwan
VI The plug wire and connection section:  
1. Aviation plug wire Weipu/Guangzhou
VII Print date section:  
1. Printer(cingula print) Nanyun /fujian

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