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  • Peanut batch roaster can be heated by natrual gas or electricity, max. working temperature is 280C, batch roaster's temperature and working time can be fixed by control pannel, stable rotation warrants the roasting result humorously
  • New type belt split blancher can remove the red skin of peanut, whatever material is whole or split, belt split blancher can take off red skin well and get split blanched peanuts
  • Whole peanut blancher removes red skin by a group of sand roller under the rotation friction force, if the moisture content of raw peanut is proper, peanut blanching ratio reaches above 94%. This type whole blancher can also used for hazelnut blanching process.
  • Multifunctional Peanut Roaster provides equal heating and even hot air distribution, adopt alternate heating both from bottom and top, hence multifunctional peanut roaster can guarantee the premium roasting quality, correct color and proper moisture ratio.
  • Peanut butter is welcomed and becomes necessary in people’s daily food menu. Peanut Butter Production Line we designed begins from raw peanut kernels, passing by peanut de stoner, peanut roaster, split peanut blanching, peanut sorting belt, peanut grinder, peanut cooler, peanut mixing tank and peanut butter filler.
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