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  •  Peanut butter is a kind of food paste made from good quality roasted peanut kernels, with rich fragrance, according to taste, it has salt & sugar type, according to texture, it has crunchy & creamy type. Generally good quality peanut butter is light brown color, delicate texture, contains unsaturated fats, protein, vitamins B3 and E, sodium, magnesium, folate and dietary fiber, with the function of dropping blood pressure, reducing blood fat etc.

    Peanut butter production line is an integrated system, which contains raw peanut primary cleaning, peanut roasting, split blanching, sorting, grinding, cooling and filling. Each section isn’t isolated but linked. Here we simply introduce the function of each.

    Primary Cleaning: it is designed to remove impurities(stone/stem/foreign material), mainly contains peanut destoner and air cyclone system.

    Peanut Roasting: it is for getting brown roasted peanut kernels, mainly includes conveyor type roaster, heating device, hot air recycling system, humidity exhausting system and cooling system.
    Split Blanching: it is for splitting the roasted peanut, make it to 1/2 piece, remove the bit germ of peanut, take off the red skin.

    Sorting: it is to inspect and sort out rotten peanut, foreign impurities especially metal pieces.

    Grinding: it is to grind the split peanut into fineness peanut paste.

    Cooling: it is for making the temperature of peanut butter down.

    Filling: it is for filling peanut butter into bottle/jar/drum/small packages, peanut butter right now is ready for sell.

    Are you ready to start your peanut butter production?