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  • How to control roasting temperature,optimize roasting effect, you need read this article


  • Whether you’re producing slight roasted white blanched peanut products or dark roasting peanuts almond cashewnut,GOLDEN Multifunction Nut Roaster are perfect choice for your business.

    Our Multifunction Roaster can be widely used for making different types of roasted nuts/peanuts products, such as blanched nuts/peanuts, roasted nuts/peanuts for butter making, snack nuts/peanuts, coated nuts/peanuts, and even sliced nuts/peanuts chips etc.

    peanut dryer machine

    Versatile Adjust

    So, by simply changing the technical settings of proportional gas burner or electric controller on electric cabinet/PLC Programe, hot air nut roaster can produce many different species of nut food products, meet to different demands on roasting process.
    Below is about how to set the temperature settings for peanut products, it is based on peanuts’ initial moisture 9%-10%, and final finished product moisture 1.5-2% ( OR according to customer’s requirement)

    roaster control pannel

    Before using multifunction peanut roaster, firstly set basic roasting temperature according to the purpose of production, adjustment method is as follows:

    a) Low temperature for slight drying:Suitable for blanched peanuts.
    Recommended set basic temperature setting is 100 ℃ at high temperature roasting zone, the inverter number setting is 18HZ, the material laying thickness is about 60 ~ 70mm。

    b) High temperature for dark roasting:Suitable for peanut butter, peanut snacks etc.

    Recommended basic temperature setting is 160 ℃ at high temperature roasting zone, the inverter number setting is 25HZ, the material laying thickness is about 70~80mm.

    Above data is just for reference, the moisture content of material is quite different due to place of origin, and specifications, so the temperature should be set according to moisture content.