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  • Successful Installation Peanut Chopping Line in Indonesia


  • We successfully installed peanut chopping production line in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our professional working style is highly appreciated by Indonesian. In Jan., 2013, along with two engineers, we start from Shanghai, began one-week trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose is to help our customers to install, debug and commissioning a peanut chopping production line. This line starts from roasted peanuts, finished at chopped peanuts. The whole line was controlled by PLC control system, it realizes man-machine conversation, touch-screen operation, enables coordination between various equipments, is a fully automatic production line. It greatly saves labors and to improve the product quality sharply.

    In January it's still winter in North China, even in Shanghai, people wrapped in a thick coat. We removed the clothes little by little, as landing at the Jakarta airport, we dressed T-shirt and entered hot summer directly.

    The city we worked is Lippo Cikarang Bekasi, which is far 70km from JKT. This is the biggest industrial estate in West Java, numerous factories lined orderly. The company we served has more than 200 employees, mostly aged between 15-25 years old, with young & vigorous.

    Due to full preparations on design before we manufactured equipments, machines fit on customer's workshop exactly, Z type Elevator, Split Blancher, Sorting Belt, Metal Detector, PeanutChopper's Elevator, Peanut Chopper, PLC Cabinet are all lined and installed perfectly. Only one of Cyclone, which is for collecting the red skin from Split Blancher, didn't fit on. As our original design, Air Cyclone was placed outside of workshop. But the Peanut Chopping Line was built on second floor which customer decorated, after discussing, this cyclone was fixed on a platform on second floor, the only weak point is operators need check the air bag at bottom of cyclone, in order to avoid red skin overflow, affect the clean sanitations of 1st floor.

    Thanking customer's full cooperation, equipment installation took only two days, in the next two days, mechanical engineer run the machines with idle and adjust them accordingly, electrical engineer wired PLC control system and tested the program. Meanwhile, training operators was going on.

    On the fifth day, we officially made commissioning the chopping line with peanut. Along with the roar of the machine, only a few minutes, roasted peanut was blanching, sorting and chopped into granules as fixed size. Because customer sell the chopped peanuts in bulk, chopped peanut only be separated from small dregs and be packed in 5-10kg/bag vacuum package and sent to warehouse.

    After the installation and commissioning, customer accompanied us and tasted local style food, Jakarta is do a centre of delicious food, here gathered all kind of style food from Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, but the most impressive thing is to enjoy a total fresh juice by tropical fruit, I like it extremely!