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  • multifunction-peanut-roasting-machine

    How to control roasting temperature,optimize roasting effect, you need read this article
    Whether you’re producing slight roasted white blanched peanut products or dark roasting peanuts almond cashewnut,GOLDEN Multifunction Nut Roaster are perfect choice for your business.
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  • 1 ton peanut roaster australia

    Client from Australia purchased multifunction peanut roaster machine You Should Know
    Australian client ordered 1T/H Multifunctional peanut roasting machine from our company after his visits from Dec. 5th to Dec. 7th, 2017. Before placing the order with our company, the Australian client have visited several other companies, including some specialized European companies. After his visits and comprehensive comparison of roaster’s manufacturing quality, working performance, roasted nut products, actual roaster operation in customer’s workshop and machine price etc., he finally chose to work with our company for the setup of his new nut roasting plant.
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  • multifunctional-sesame-roaster

    Intelligentizing your nuts drying process, Golden Multifunctional Sesame Roaster is competent
    According to several months statistics from the customer, 1TPH SESAME ROASTER keeps working for 24 hours, working temperature is 150-159C, processing purpose is for wet washed sesame seeds drying, gas (LNG) consumption is CNY25/hr, according to local industrial gas cost CNY 2.8/ m3 calculation, gas consumption for 1 ton SESAME DRYING ROASTER is 8.9m3, it’s quite proud data of our Multifunctional Nut Roaster.
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  • peanut sheller shelling grate

    Choose a Proper Peanut Sheller for Your Peanuts-Some Knowledge You Should Know
    We have exported many peanut shellers, as our experience with customer, most of them don’t know how to choose a proper shelling grate for his peanuts, today this article will tell you how to choose.
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  • Peanut Blanching

    Peanut Blanching Production Line Export to India
    With the rising of India Peanut Processing Industry recently, we have more and more machineries are exported to India, to serve local peanut product manufacturers.
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  • Peanut Sheller

    Malfunction Analysis and Solution of Peanut Sheller
    Recently some customers feedback that when peanut shellers run certain period, it occurs the situation of dropping capacity, low shelling ratio and easy to jam etc., as following we will talk this topic and give our suggestion.
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