Peanut Blancher Operation Tips & Daily Maintenance

  • How to clean the sand rollers

    - Stop the blancher and disassemble the blanching body from supporting base,
    - Turn over the blanching body, expose the abrasive sand rollers,
    - Use brusher dipped with warm water to clean the sand rollers,
    - Leave the cleaned sand rollers for natural air or dry it by hot air
    - Assemble the blanching body on support base again.

  • How often we should clean the peanut blancher

    Daily cleaning should be done 1 time/shift
    Entire cleaning should be done 1 time/week 

  • How to adjust the flow speed of blanched peanuts

    There are handling baffler is equipped on end of blanching chamber, once we move this device down direction, the peanut flowing speed can be fast, then shorten the peanut staying in blanching chamber, the opposite direction cause peanut staying longer. All adjustment depends on the blanching result, operators should watch the machine running and adjust it in time.

  • How to run the peanut blancher

    First swift on the air cyclone, ensure the red skin discharger working, operate peanut sorting belt, run peanut blancher, begin vertical conveyor, feeding peanut kernels to peanut blancher, then peanut blancher can peel off & separate red skin automatically. 

  • What’s function of peanut blancher?

    Peanut blancher is used for peeling off the red skin of slight roasted peanut kernels, via the air fan suction, red skin is collected by air cyclone, blanched peanut fall down peanut sorting belt.