Some Extensive Function of Multifunctional Peanut Roaster

  • How is multifunctional peanut roaster cleaned

    Multifunctional peanut roaster is equipped self-clean brush roller, can make self-cleaning all the time. At the same time, each door on both side can be opened separately for entire cleaning. 

  • How does multifunctional peanut roaster realize efficient operation

    Multifunctional peanut roaster adopts proportion gas burner to control the gas volume automatically during the whole roasting processing, in order to avoid waste of gas energy. Meanwhile, all function mold is concentrated on the control cabinet, 1 operator is enough for operation. 

  • How does multifunctional peanut roaster improve the quality of products

    Peanuts on the belt is heated by hot air from above and below direction in alternation, enhancing moisture exhaling and roasted peanut appearance with proper color. 

  • What’s the working temperature range of multifunctional peanut roaster

    Working temperature can be set from 90C~180C. 

  • What’s the basic function of multifunctional peanut roaster

     Basic function contains slight drying, normal roasting and deep roasting. Whatever roasting is, multifunctional peanut roaster can realize cool peanut in, cool peanut out.