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  • Peanut Roasting Chopping
  • Peanut Roasting Chopping
  • Peanut Roasting Chopping
  • Peanut Roasting Chopping
  • Peanut Roasting Chopping Production Line

    Raw materials::Peanut, almond, cashew nut


    Finished Product:chopped peanuts,Peanut powder

    Application:Peanut cleaning, peanut roasting, peanut blanching, peanut sorting, peanut chopping, chopped peanut packing

    Shipping Ports:Shanghai or Qingdao

    Delivery:30-45 days

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  • Peanut Roasting Chopping Production Line

    Peanut roasting and chopping can provide substantial value addition to the raw groundnuts.

  • Peanut Roaster

    Peanut Blancher

    Peanut Chopper

    Peanut Belt

  • Introduction of Peanut Roasting Chopping Production Line
    Peanut roasting and chopping can provide substantial value addition to the raw groundnuts. China is one of largest peanuts country on planting & consumption & processing & exporting, in the past years, peanut manufacturers mainly export raw peanuts, with or without shell, such condition causes manufacturers enter low profit margin and face to high crisis on international business. Following the rising demand on many snacks manufacturers, confectionary within the country and oversea market, most of local peanut manufacturers begin to enter the further processing on peanuts.

    Processing purpose: Peanut roasting & chopping line begins from raw peanuts through destoning, roasting, split blanching, sorting, chopping and packing, chopped peanuts are packed in bulk for sell. It contains below steps:

    Peanuts Roasting: for satisfying chopping lien processing purpose, it should adopts multifunctional peanut roaster, this roaster can alter low or high temperature by means of electrical control system, the working temperature range is 90-170 Degree Celsius, roasting time is 25-30minutes. The thickness of peanuts will depend on different processing demand.

    Peanut Split Blanching: roasted peanuts come from vibrating discharge device, through bucket conveyor, are feed into split blancher, under the rotating and friction of rubber rollers, peanuts are cracked, the red skin peels off and fall down with peanuts, at the mouth of blancher, red skin is collected by the air cyclone, split blanched peanuts will fall down to sorting conveyor.

    Peanut Sorting: This section can be designed into two types, one is sorting by manual, another is sorting by mechanical. Un-blanched, imperfect, minor defects, damaged kernels, foreign material will be sorted out.

    Metal detector: it is mainly designed to pick out the metal impurities among split blanched peanuts, in order to protect the cutter and keep purity of finished chopped peanuts.

    Peanut Chopping: it has two times chopping process, when split blanched peanuts are feed into chopper via vertical conveyor, material is chopped into coarse grain by 1st chopping device, then flow into 2nd stage chopping and become mixing granulators. With the function of vibrating sifter, it is sorted into 4 uniform specifications. Generally the chopped size is divided into 5-8, 8-10, 10-12mesh, below 12mesh is powder texture.

    Chopped Peanut Packing: chopped peanuts are packed into 2-10kg or in bulk. They are ready for going next step process.

  • Flow Chart of Peanut Roasting Chopping Production Line

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  • Machine Configuration

    Model Name Quantity
    Hopper 1
    Vertical Conveyor 1
    Peanut De stoner 1
    Z Bucket Elevator 1
    Peanut Roaster 1
    Vertical Conveyor 1
    Distributing Hopper 1
    Split Peanut Blancher 1
    Peanut Sorting Belt 1
    Collecting Conveyor 1
    Vibrating Sifter 1
    Dust Collection System 1
    Metal Detector 1
    Peanut Chopper 1
    Peanut Packing Machine 1
    Electrical Control System 1