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  • Peanut Frying
  • Peanut Frying
  • Peanut Frying
  • Peanut Frying
  • Peanut Frying Production Line

    Raw materials:Peanut, almond, cashew nut, sunflower seeds


    Application:Peanut blanching, peanut cooling, peanut frying, peanut sorting, peanut packing Shipping Ports: Shanghai or Qingdao

    Delivery :30-45 days

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  • Peanut Frying Production Line

    Peanut Frying Production Line begins from raw peanut, finished at vacuum packed fried-peanut, the line is complete automatic from beginning to end.

  • Peanut Wet Blancher

    Peanut Fryer

    Salted Flavoring Machine

    Ribbon Blender

  • Introduction of Peanut Frying Production Line

    Peanut Frying Production Line begins from raw peanut, finished at vacuum packed fried-peanut, the line is complete automatic from beginning to end.

    It covers below steps:
    Peanut Boiling: put the raw peanut kernels to peanut boiling machine, this boiler is filled with 40-50 Celsius hot water, raw peanut pass through and the out skin gets loose, it is ready for blanching.

    Peanut Blanching: wet peanut blancher squeezes peanut, there are numerous knives inside of rubber rings, the skin is cut, under the squeezing force between flying rubber wheel, the skin and white kernels are separated, finally white blanched peanut fall down to sorting belt, skin is thrown out of machine.

    Peanut Sorting: Manual sorting belt moves forward slowly, un-blanched, imperfect peanut and foreign impurities are sorted out by workers.

    Peanut Drying: blanched peanuts are feed to belt type dryer, the dryer runs with stainless steel screen, high pressure air fans are installed on top of dryer, so this kind of dryer has two functions, cooling and drying, after this machine, peanuts are ready to be blanched and fall to temporary bin.

    Peanut Frying: In order to ensure the frying result uniform, peanuts are weighed first, then lifted by bucket lifter to peanut fryer, in this line we use batch fryers, the temperature will be fixed between 150-165C, frying time is 4-5min. Mainly replied on operator’s watching and experience, fried peanuts are taken out of peanut fryer.

    Oil removing: The two fryers will work alternately, fried peanuts will be dumped into oil removing machine, under the function of centrifugal rotating of drum, the extra oil on peanut surface will leak out via the bottom outlet.

    Flavor Adding: the deoiling peanuts will be lifted to the flavor added drum, customer can add salt, powder type spices as their ingredients. The spices will be mixed with the fried peanut evenly.

    Peanut Cooling: the flavor added peanuts will lie down to the mesh stainless steel conveyor for further cooling and ready to be packed.

    Metal detecting: for final detecting in order to avoid any metal impurities will content in the fried peanuts.

    Peanut Packing: In order to extend the shelf time of fried peanuts, most of customer will adopt vacuum package, or they will add deoxidizer in the bag. The package materials often use BOPP/PE compound film.

    Electrical control system: in order to control the line operation simply, we design and match different element control parts on different section.

  • Flow Chart of Peanut Butter Production Line

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  • Machine Configuration

    Model Name Quantity
    Bucket Conveyor 1
    Peanut De stoner 1
    Hot Water Boiler 1
    Wet Blancher 2
    Peanut Dryer 1
    Blanched Peanut Temporary Bin 1
    Peanut Fryer 1
    Oil Filter 1
    Oil Removing Machine 1
    Chain Lifting Conveyor 1
    Flavor Adding Drum 1
    Cooling Belt 1
    Metal Detector 1
    Packing Machine 1
    Electrical Control System 1